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Repairing Materials

Almost all Bindery repairs are done centrally through CMA (Collection Management & Access Division). See the What to/not to send to CMA page for more information.  Cleaning of materials and minor repairs can be done in branch, but all other repairs are to be sent to CMA:


Only minor “two minute” repairs are done in the branch.  Examples of Minor Repairs are:

The following items are sent to CMA for repair:

  • Correction of any labels
  • Cataloguing errors and inconsistencies
  • Major repairs such as loose pages or re-binding
  • Change audio visual contents from paper to plastic AV case
  • Replace DVD and CD cases for items with more than four discs or in non-standard oversize cases
  • Replacement of AV inserts
  • Repair of laminated covers


  • All items sent to CMA are to be signed out to your Branch's Bindery Card.  See Special memberships - program and in-branch cards
  • Once the item arrives at CMA it will be signed out to a CMA Card.  Do not sign out materials to the CMA Card
  • Check-in material upon receiving it back from CMA