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World Languages

  • The World Language collection is comprised of print material in a wide range of languages other than English, including:

  • Material in this collection is catalogued and processed via vendor services by LSC.
  • Include the non-English language as a prefix in the call number, e.g.,
  • 099 E Cree MCK
  • 099  J Spanish ABC
  • 092  Chinese 641.5 ABC
  • For details regarding the cataloguing of bilingual and multilingual print works (see Print Materials Overview, Bilingual Books).
  • Children's board books in the World Languages collection receive a 650 \0 Board books|vSpecimens heading.
  • For information re: insertion of linking fields with original scriptions, see Original scripts/Linking 880 fields.
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Item entry and physical processing
  • World language and fiction/nonfiction dimensions of material in this collection are reflected in the Itemcat1 value of item records in Symphony as follows:

  • Items in the World Language Collection are not categorized as Oversize, regardless of their dimensions.
  • Fiction in World languages are not assigned genres or treated as graphic novels.
  • Fiction by Canadian authors in the World Language Collection do receive a maple leaf label and 500 note.
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Revised Oct. 25, 2022