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Terms of Use

When signing on to LibOnline, customers must agree to follow the terms of use. The terms of use message presented to customers is listed below. As well, customers are expected to follow the Internet Use Policy.

Terms of Use

Edmonton Public Library provides access to the Internet to fulfill its mission, ** We Share **. 
You must read and agree to the conditions below before continuing to use this service.

Customers must use their own cards or Internet passes to book or access computers.

Library computers may not be used to:

->  Access sites or transmit materials which violate Canadian federal or provincial laws or City Bylaws and/or include defamatory, discriminatory, or obscene .
->  Send fraudulent, harassing, or obscene email messages.
->  Display overt sexual images.

The Edmonton Public Library also prohibits:

->  Damaging or modifying the Library's computer equipment, software, or network.


Failure to comply with the EPL Public Internet Access Policy and the prohibited activities listed above will result in loss of Internet access and possible banning from all library facilities . Unlawful activities may result in prosecution.

The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time.