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Library Online Manual

Library Online Business Rules

 The following are the settings and policies for Library Online software, which are standard at all Library locations.

Sessions and Time Limits

  1. No identification is required for internet access.
  2. Each customer may access 60 minutes per day of Internet time.
  3. Staff may extend a customer’s computer time up to 60 minutes at a time based on how much time the customer indicates they need. The opportunity to provide an extension will be contingent on the availability of computers within the service point.
  4. Customer access to the Catalogue stations is unlimited. Time on the catalogue stations does not affect allotted internet time.
  5. Public Internet stations are available during all opening hours. The first session of the day is available when the service point opens. The last session of the day ends when the service point closes.
  6. Customers are unable to log on to a public internet station if they have less than 10 minutes remaining of their daily 60 minute allotment.
  7. Customers will receive three warning message that their 60 minute session is coming to an end. The first message at 10 minutes, the second message at 5 minutes and the third message at 1 minute.
  8. Customers are able to put their workstation into “standby” mode for up to 5 minutes without ending the session or without staff ending the session. The Standby period is calculated as part of the 60 minute daily maximum. The screen displays a status as: “Standby

Advance Bookings

  1. Customers may reserve a public internet station up to 7 days in advance.
  2. Since all advance bookings are for 60 minutes, only one is allowed per day.
  3. The maximum number of days shown on a booking calendar is 8 days.
  4. There is a 10 minute grace period for prebooked sessions. During the grace period, only the person who booked the public internet station may log on. Other customers are unable to log onto a station if there is less than five minutes remaining before a scheduled booking.
  5. If the customer does not log on during the grace period the booking will be cancelled.