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Temporary patrons

It is expected that any Edmonton resident who wishes to use our public computers is issued a physical card rather than a temporary pass. Customers who do not have proof of residence can be issued an EPL-ACCESS card. Customers who do not have proper identification or proof of residency on-hand at the time of their visit can be mailed a postcard, and issued a temporary pass for the day.

Identification is NOT required to issue a temporary internet pass.

If the customer is eligible for a TALRECIPROCAL BORROWER, or ME Card membership and can produce the necessary library cards, register accordingly. If they are eligible but are unable to produce the necessary library card issue a Temporary Internet Pass.

Conduct a name search in Workflows to determine if the customer has an existing library membership.

  • When an individual has an account in Workflows a Temporary Internet Pass is not issued. Instead, supply the customer with his/her card number and PIN.
  • If you discover the customer has a card in Workflows, be sure to check any notes on the card, as customers who have been banned will have a note on their card indicating this.
  • If a customer's card is barred because it is an old collections account, unbar the card so the customer may use it for internet access.

When a customer does not have an account in Workflows, and is not resident in Edmonton, issue a temporary pass. It is not necesary to check to see if a customer has already had a temporary pass issued.

  • On the Library Online home page, select Temporary Patrons
  • Select "Create New"

  • Enter the customer's last name and first name in the Identifier box. You can also edit the expiry date of the Temporary Internet Pass

  • Select "Save Changes"
  • Print the Temporary Internet Pass. In the printer options, select the receipt printer.


Time Allotments

The maximum length of the temporary card is one week.

Up to 3 months may be issued to a visitor.

HINT: Resize and Insert the Temp card into a clear plastic TAL cardholder.

NOTE: Anyone who has a permanent ongoing physical condition that impedes their use of the computers within the one-hour allotment may be issued a Temporary Internet card for up to one-year. The customer must already have an EPL membership. This enables them to extend their time without staff intervention