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Suspending a user in LibOnline

Users may have their Library Online privileges suspended for a variety of reasons. Bannings/suspensions are guided by EPL's Customer Bannings policy. While barring the card in Workflows will prevent a user from accessing the public internet stations, a card with a collections status cannot be barred. As well, parents may wish their child to have borrowing privileges but not have internet access. In such cases, a suspension must be entered in LibOnline. Only managers are able to enter suspensions into Library Online.

To enter a suspension:

  1. Navigate to the Library Online admin interface ( and login with your credentials. If you do not have credentials or have forgotten your password, contact the IT help desk (496-1833 /
  2. From the Bookings menu, select "Patron Infraction/Suspension/Restriction":
  3. On the next screen, don't enter anything. Just click "Create new":
  4. Add the card number, select an infraction type, and add infraction details. Click "Save Changes":
  5. Now, you need to add a the suspension. Click the "Add suspension" button.
  6. Add the start and end date for the suspension. Click the "Select all" button to check all of the branches. Click "Save":