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Children’s Sound Recordings


092/99 Call Number
       Readalong CD + Book Sets
       Readalong Wonderbooks
       Double Cuttering
1XX Main Entry
245 Title
500 Notes
      YRCA Titles
      Fiction Genre/Canadian Author
511 Performer Note
586 Awards Note
6XX Subject Headings
7XX Added Entries


092/099 Call Number

  • Match the classification to the print version on which the audiobook is based.
  • Classification disparities in vendor-supplied cataloguing are accepted as-is, provided the classification assigned is not incorrect (e.g., invalid DDC)
  • Indicate language notation as part of call number for unilingual titles and titles where the packaging indicates the intended audience (e.g. label and packaging in Spanish, item may have a small number of tracks in other languages).

          099 |a CD J Spanish SONGS ABC
          Code fixed field Lang "spa"

  • For multilingual titles where packaging is in English or two or more languages, do not include a language in the call number.
  • Children's audiobooks intended for ages up to 12 are classified with a J preceding the cutter (fiction) or DDC number and cutter (nonfiction), e.g.

          099  CD J SMI [fiction audiobook]
          092  CD J 398.2 SMI [non-fiction audiobook]

  • As of January, 2015 juvenile nonfiction audiobooks, including instructional content aimed at children in the form of songs and/or stories, are classified with Dewey (formerly JUV INSTR). Also includes concept material for school-age children, e.g.
          092  CD J 973.385 ALL
          245  George Washington, spymaster|h[sound recording] /|cby Thomas B. Allen.
  • The classification TEEN is used for juvenile audiobooks intended for ages 13-15 (grades 8-10) and includes both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Precede the call number with: CD TEEN, e.g.

          099  CD TEEN BIL [fiction audiobook]
          092  CD TEEN 306.766 IT [non-fiction audiobook]

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Readalong CD + Book Sets

  • To enhance the juvenile audiovisual collection, a decision was made to catalogue matching book/CD sets (when CD is attached to book, usually in a pocket) as sound recordings. That is, items are catalogued as sound discs with an accompanying book, if the primary contents match, e.g. read-along books.
  • Picturebook material normally classed as E in the print collection is classed as Readalong J in this collection.
  • If the content of the CD is wholly supplementary to the book, catalogue the title as a book, e.g. if the book is a story and the CD only contains supplementary songs, catalogue as a book with accompanying sound disc.

Note: the fund used to order the title does not determine how the title will be catalogued. Matching book/CD sets will be catalogued with the CD being the primary item described in the bibliographic record; the cataloguing rules, including determination of main entry and subject headings, will be that for juvenile sound recordings. The prefix Readalong will be used in the call number before the appropriate classification, i.e., J Cutter, J Language Cutter, J DDC Cutter, J Christmas, J CLA, J FAITH, J SNDTRK, J SONGS.

          099 |aReadalong J ABC
          099 |aReadalong J French SONGS ABC
          092 |aReadalong J 123 ABC

          300 |a1 sound disc :|bdigital ;|c4 ¾ in. +|e1 book/booklet.

  • Make explanatory 500 note for location of CD, e.g.

          500 |aCD in pocket.

  • Sample MARC record:


Item Entry & Processing of Readalong Sets

  • Item type = JAUDBK
  • Affix one spine label to the top left edge of the book on the cover and 1 spine label on the spine at the bottom of the book. Spine label font is 11 pt Arial Bold

  • Cover both with Kapco protector when required.
  • Discard dust jacket if the book cover art matches the dust jacket art. Dust jackets are only discarded if all info included is also printed on the book cover. This is rare.
  • Affix machine readable barcode vertically on the right side of the book approximately mid-point. The barcode may be shifted slightly to avoid obscuring title text.
  • Affix an RFID tag to the book (one only per item).
  • Attach a pocket to the inside back cover. To avoid covering information, pocket may be attached in a different location (e.g. inside front cover).
  • Write the last 9 digits of the barcode on the donut label applied to the disc. If more than 1 CD is present, affix preprinted 'EDMONTON PUBLIC LIBRARY' donut to each of the discs, with the last 9 digits of the barcode for that item written on it.

  • Repackaging the disc as necessary as per the cd pocket information. More than 1 pocket may be required if more than 1 CD is included.
  • Affix a contents label near the barcode (beside or below if information would be covered) indicating the format of the accompanying material, e.g. Contents: 1 CD, 1 book, in 12 pt Arial Bold font.

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Readalong Wonderbooks & Vox Books

  • To supplement the juvenile audiovisual collection, beginning in 2019 the Wonderbook format was added to the collection. A Wonderbook is a picture book with the recorded story on an internal player and speaker. Vox Books are essentially the same as the Wonderbooks.
  • Picturebook material normally classed as E in the print collection is classed as Readalong J in this collection.
  • Item entry for Wonderbooks & Vox Books follows the specifications for CD + Book sets


Sample MARC record - Wonderbook:


Sample MARC record - Vox Book:



Sample Processing of Wonderbooks & Vox Books:

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Double Cuttering

Provide double cuttering for:

  • Soundtracks of juvenile films classed as J SNDTRK where title of film differs from beginning of 245.

          099   CD J SNDTRK HEI MUS
          245   Music from Heidi the motion picture.

  • For titles preceded by Disney's or Walt Disney's cutter for the word(s) of the title following Disney's, e.g.

          099   CD J SNDTRK MAR WAL
          245   Walt Disney's Mary Poppins.

          099   CD J SNDTRK LIT DIS
          245   Disney's the little mermaid.

  • Uniform titles for anonymous children's classics.
  • Do NOT double cutter if the title main entry cutter is the same, but DO double cutter if the title main entry cutter is different.

          099   CD J ALA
          245   Aladdin and his lamp

          099   CD J ALA STO
          245   The story of Aladdin

          099    CD J SNDTRK DR
          245    Dr. Seuss' the Grinch.

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1XX Main Entry

Juvenile Audiobooks (J, TEEN)

  • If the story or stories are all by the same person, main entry will be under that person (usually author/adaptor).
  • If there is a separate and substantial section of music (i.e. music which is more than just accompaniment to the story), and the item is not all by the same person (i.e. author and composer), the main entry will be for the principal performer (or title if no principal performer).
  • If the story on the item is an anonymous work, main entry will be under title (RDA

Juvenile Soundtracks (J SNDTRK)

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245 Title

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500 Notes


Fiction Genre/Canadian Author
  • Fiction genre and Canadian author notes are added to J and TEEN fiction sound recordings, matching the print version on which the sound recording is based. See also Juvenile Fiction, 500 Genre Notes.
  • However, the genre and/or Canadian flag labels are NOT affixed to the physical sound recording; do NOT circle the genre or “C” on the IP form.

YRCA Titles

  • YRCA nominee notes are added to J and TEEN fiction sound recordings, matching the print version on which the sound recording is based. YRCA labels are affixed to the front cover of audiobooks to avoid covering title information on the spine.
  • See also Juvenile Print, YRCA.

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511 Performer's Note

  • When a duplicate is received (same title, date, etc.) which names the reader(s) whereas the original copy did not, add the note:

511  Some copies read by …

  • Do not make note of any name that will not be given a 7XX added entry.

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586 Awards Note

  • Do not use for Juvenile sound recordings.

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6XX Subject Headings

Children's Soundtracks

  • Do not use the subject heading "Children's films |v Songs and music" in J SNDTRK.
  • For soundtracks emphasizing dialogue which are classified in J fiction, use "Children's films".
  • See also Subject Headings, Juvenile subdivisions to indicate format.
  • Juvenile audiobooks should always have at least one subject heading, followed by |vJuvenile sound recordings, e.g.

650 \0 Monsters|vJuvenile sound recordings.

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7XX Added Entries

  • When applicable, trace prominently-given performers/narrators, composers, lyricists, original authors/co-authors from which the sound recording was adapted.
  • Do not trace producers.

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710 Added Entry for Disney

  • For titles issued/produced/distributed or featuring the Disney name, make a 710 for Disney.
  • Ensure that the added entry is justified in the record.
  • Use the established form of name closest to that found on the item.

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730 Uniform Titles

  • Add 730 if appropriate to item.

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Revised: Nov. 9, 2023