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Video Games


Chief Source of Information
MARC Fixed Fields
Item Entry and Processing



  • EPL videogames are DVD-ROMS, Blu-ray DVD-ROMS and cartridges (Switch games).
  • Sirsi record format: MRDF
  • Cataloguing: All platforms of a single title should be reviewed by the same EPL cataloguer. Contents should be noted for item entry if local processing is required or the vendor-supplied Contents label is incorrect.

Chief Source of Information

  • Disc label.
  • Secondary sources: accompanying printed information, including the booklet or book and the sleeve, then container (e.g., cardboard box).

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020      Only if ISBN is present (no 020 (v.g.))

024  1  UPC

028  40 Publisher #  

035      Title control #

092      Video game + J or TEEN [if applicable*] + Dewey + Cutter

  • Classification by audience level is informed by the ESRB rating, with exceptions as outlined below.
  • No audience prefix is included in the call number of video games in the adult collection.
Category Description
EPL Classification

Content is intended for young children.
J Call number prefix

Children’s collection

Content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.
J Call number prefix

Children’s collection

Content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.
TEEN Call number prefix

Teen collection

Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.
TEEN Call number prefix

Teen collection

Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
No Call number prefix

Adult collection

Content suitable only for adults ages 18 and up. May include prolonged scenes of intense violence, graphic sexual content and/or gambling with real currency.
No Call number prefix

Adult collection

Not yet assigned a final ESRB rating. Appears only in advertising, marketing and promotional materials related to a game that is expected to carry an ESRB rating, and should be replaced by a game's rating once it has been assigned.
Classification is to be determined once final ESRB rating is assigned.

(, consulted Feb. 11, 2014)

  • Fitness and yoga instructional titles and sports video games rated as “Everyone” that are intended for teens to adults are classified as TEEN.
  • Games based on books or movies are catalogued according to the rating of the game, not the classification of the book or movie.


DDC Classification of Video Games:

  • As of Dec. 1, 2020, EPL will use 794.8 as the DDC# for all video games to simplify our approach and streamline shelving in the branches.
  • The DDC# will be followed by a cutter for the title, e.g. Video game 794.8 ASS.
  • Existing items with prior classification numbers will not be recalled for relabelling.

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All video games receive title main entry.

For material designation |h subfield, use [game], even in RDA-conformant records, e.g. |h[game]


Record the platform at the beginning of the 250 field to support customer access to this information in search results, e.g.,

250  PlayStation 5 (PS5).
250  Nintendo Switch.
250  Wii.
250  Xbox 360.
250  PlayStation 4 (PS4) ; Definitive ed.
250  Xbox One - Xbox Series X ; Definitive ed.

Note: include (PS2) for PlayStation 2, (PS3) for PlayStation 3,  (PS4) for PlayStation4 and (PS5) for PlayStation 5.

260 |b

The publisher/manufacturer may not be  identified, but is generally named prominently on the label (often as a logo). Consult the copyright statement to determine the publisher/manufacturer. An added entry is made for the name of the publisher. See 710 below.

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300 |a

Use the optional provision from RDA “use a term in common usage” (e.g., DVD-ROM or video game on computer optical disc or computer chip cartridge), e.g.

300  1 DVD-ROM :|bsound, colour ;|c4 ¾ inches +|e1 book

300  1 video game on computer optical disc :|bsound, colour ;|c4 ¾ inches

300  1 computer chip cartridge :|bsound, colour ;|c1 1/4 inches

  • Follow instructions given in Videorecordings, Accompanying material, for accompanying printed material.
  • Discard duplicate books/booklets.
  • Kinect calibration cards are retained with the game, but not included as accompanying material in the 300 field or in the notes fields. If noted on sleeve, cover the information with a label.

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Note source of title proper (see RDA, e.g.

500  Title from label

Note number and type of players if specified, e.g. co-op, multitap, competitive, and/or online players.

500  Number of players:  1; co-op 2; multitap 1-8; online 2-12; competitive 2-6.

Co-op = cooperative play
Multitap = a peripheral that increases the number of controller ports

Quote the name of the game system company or developer or any other corporate name appearing on the item deemed important for identification and customer access. This note justifies the 710 added entry (see below). Do not make this note if the name (or variant form of name) of the game system company has been used elsewhere in the record, e.g. as publisher.

Names that appear prominently that cannot be identified as creators may be quoted in a 500; if the body may have had a role in the creation of the content, also make a 710, but if in doubt, do not make added entry.

500  ”Sony Computer Entertainment.”
500  ”Microsoft.”
500  ”Official Nintendo seal.” [use if no other justification for 710 available]

If game developer determined from a source outside the item, record the source. Verification of creator roles is not required. For well-known sites, record the short form of the URL; for less well known sites, record the company name, e.g.

500  Game developer credits from
500  Game developer credits from Eurocom website.

Make any other useful notes. Quote information from the item referring to special requirements or compatibility issues, e.g.

500  “Requires Xbox Live Gold”--Cover.
500   “Requires Xbox Live”--Cover.
500  “Xbox 360 live.”
500  “Nintendo wi-fi connection.”
500  “PlayStation Network compatible.”
500  “Kinect sensor required”--Container verso.
500  “Manual included on disc”--Insert.

Make note of any material that has been discarded from the game, e.g., toys, single-use access cards, etc.

500  Buzzers discarded from library copies.
500  The “single-use serial code” allowing registration for online features discarded from library copies.
500  Single-use code for multiplayer access discarded from library copies.


List games, if more than one game included. 


Retain in derived records; quote a suitable summary from the sleeve or booklet if no 520 is supplied.


Record the rating from the item, include extra information provided, e.g.,

521 8   ESRB rating: Everyone.
521 8   ESRB rating: Teen. Mild language, violence.
521 8   ESRB rating: Early childhood.
521 8   ESRB rating: Mature 17+. Intense violence.
521 8   ESRB rating: Adults only 18+. Graphic sexual content.

For more information, see


Technical details. Record only amount of computer storage required; use wording from item, e.g.,

538  Required hard disc space: 2298 KB.
538  Required hard disc space: 772 KB.
538  Required memory card: 88 KB.


Record any overtly stated language information.

546  Game in English or French.

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Make appropriate topical subject entries.

Use |vJuvenile software following the topic, and the subject heading Video games, e.g.,

650  Automobile racing|vJuvenile software [teen and juvenile games]
650  Video games|vJuvenile software [teen and juvenile games]

650  Computer war games|vSoftware [adult games]
650  Video games|vSoftware [adult games]

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Trace the company responsible for the game system. If the game system company (or subsidiary) is also the publisher, make only one added entry.

710 2  Nintendō Kabushiki Kaisha [or, 710 2  Nintendo of America Inc., etc.]
710 2  Microsoft Corporation [or, 710 2  Microsoft Game Studies, etc.]
710 2  Sony Interactive Entertainment [or, 710 2  Sony Interactive Entertainment America, etc.]

Make additional added author entries for the creator/developer of the game (justified in 245 |c) and other prominently named bodies that contributed to the creation of the content (justified in 260 |b or 500).

Make added entries for television studios, etc. that may have contributed content to a video game, note that games based on ABC TV shows should trace ABC in the form.

710 2  American Broadcasting Companies.

Do not confuse with ABC in any other form unless a specific ABC company is indicated, e.g. ABC Family, ABC News.

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Item Entry and Processing


Item Records

Item Type: VIDGAME (juvenile/teen/adult)      

Home Location: JUVVIDGAME or TEENVIDGME (juvenile)
                         VIDGAME (adult)



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Physical Processing

  • Apply Spine label to cover artwork at the bottom of the spine. Spine label font should be 11pt Arial Bold.
  • Affix barcode vertically to the artwork (or container if no removable sleeve), approximately mid-point along the right hand edge of the front cover. The barcode may be shifted slightly to avoid obscuring title text.


  • Affix centre circle from donut label to the upper right corner of any books/booklets if present. Write the last 9 digits of the barcode on the booklet label.


  • Affix hub label with last 9 digits of the barcode number to the centre of all discs, whether or not they receive an RFID tag.


  • Affix an RFID hub around the hub of the videogame or first disc if contains more than one disc.


  • No RFID tag is affixed to Switch game cartridges or their insert/cover.
  • Affix contents label below barcode on the front cover if required (font = 12 pt Arial Bold). Contents label is used when the item contains more than 1 disc or contains any loose material of more than 4 pages and will be affixed below the barcode (same orientation as barcode).


  • Place a blank label over any sleeve information about material being included with the game but that has been discarded from library copies, e.g. toys.
  • Retain books/booklets in alternate language(s), which will be taped together to form one booklet. (e.g. +|e1 booklet), but discard the book/booklet in alternate language(s) if it is too large to fit inside the case, or if when taped to the English booklet, the resulting insert is too large to fit in the case.
  • Apply an Oversize label directly above the spine label if it meets the oversize requirements; see Oversize.   


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Revised: October 12, 2023