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AV incomplete procedures

New AV Incomplete Items

  1. A staff member selects their branch, and scans their item directly into the site. If an item has not been reported incomplete yet, the item can be reported incomplete.
  2. Identify the missing component(s) by clicking the checkboxes.
  3. The item now appears on the branch’s list of AV Incompletes.

    Items missing inserts or cases

  • Process the item as a normal AV Incomplete
  • If the insert or case has not been returned within 4 weeks (28 days), check it out to your bindery card in WF with an override and sent it to CMA
  • If the item has become assumed lost, the override check out to the bindery card will cancel that charge

    Multidisc Items 
    Process the item as a normal AV Incomplete indicating the missing component on the site

AV Incomplete Mismatches

Some items returned AV Incomplete are the result of a mismatch between the case's item ID and the disc's item ID instead of due to a customer having forgotten to return a component. In order to handle these cases, branch mismatch cards have been created (<branchcode>-MISMATCH). This can also be used for other instances where the AV Incomplete item has not resulted from the customer returning the item incomplete, such as instances where the item is noticed as incomplete after being checked out by a customer.

  1. Load the branch's mismatch card in WF (the format is EPL-MISMATCH).
  2. Check the item out to the mismatch account.
  3. Place a copy level hold for the item.

Completing AV Incompletes

  1. Staff select their branch, scan in the item ID, and click on the “Let’s go!” button
  2. If the item is on the branch’s AV Incomplete shelf, the item can be marked complete. This discharges the item from the customer`s account. It's important to do this through the site rather than WF to update the item status on the AVI site.
  3. If the initial incomplete piece was returned to another branch, the system identifies the branch where the original item was reported incomplete and requests you send it there.

Viewing existing AV Incompletes

  1. Staff select their branch and click on the “Let’s go!” button
  2. The branch’s AV Incompletes will appear.
  3. You can search for the barcode of items available at a specific branch or all branches.

Discarding AV Incompletes

  1. Staff select their branch and click on the “Let’s go!” button
  2. If the item has been incomplete for more than 90 days, click the trash can discard button. The item will be checked out to your branch's discard card and discarded from the ILS through an automated process.
  3. Discard the physical item.

Claims Returned

Customers may let you know that an item has been returned. Prior to marking it claims returned, check the AVI site to make sure it has not been reported incomplete.

Damaged Items

Please see Billing a user for billing damaged items.


eReader Kit - Lost, Damaged or Missing Parts

Please see eReader Kit - Lost, Damaged or Missing Parts