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User statuses

OK - assigned to users who owe no fees and have no overdue items.

Delinquent – assigned to users that owe between $.01 and $9.99 in bills or estimated fines.

Blocked – assigned to users that owe $10.00 and over in bills or estimated fines, have 15 overdue items or more, have over 40 items checked out. Note: blocked users do not have access to EPL's databases (including Freegal, Overdrive, One Click, etc).

Collections - this is automatically assigned when a customer's account is referred to UMS, the 3rd party material recovery agency. This status is cleared when the customer's balance reaches $0. Customers with the status of collections cannot borrow material. This block cannot be overridden.

Barred – this status will not allow customers to check out items or access the public internet stations. It is used to stop a library card that is reported lost / stolen when the customer is not re-registering at the time. It is also used to prevent users with suspensions from borrowing or using the internet with their library card. Note: Barred users cannot access any of EPL's databaes.