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Institutional membership (EPL-LAD)

This profile is for customers who live in institutions (seniors facilities, assisted living facilities, etc.) who wish to receive personalized service. In a large number of cases, this personalized service is offered in addition to regular material deposits for the institution as a whole. This personalized service is closely related to Home Service. Staff work with the customer to create a reading profile for them, then select materials that meet their specifications. They are delivered (no more than monthly) by EPL drivers to the facility, where either staff or volunteers distribute them to the residents. Most registrations for customers in institutions happen at MNA and all of the delivery preparation for these customers happens at MNA. Please contact LAS staff at MNA if you are working with a customer who qualifies for an institutional card.

As with HOME customers, this profile should be limited to individuals who are unable to visit the library themselves or otherwise access library materials and resources. In addition, this profile only applies to those customers who already reside in institutions in which we are offering delivery service. Customers who reside in a facility of this nature where we are not offering service would qualify as an EPL-HOME customer, rather than an EPL-LAD customer. Such customers would be assigned a volunteer and receive deliveries like customers who live in an independent residence.

Customers with this profile are managed through the Stanley A. Milner Library. Staff should not apply this profile to an account without consulting Katie Turzansky.