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Non-independent adults

A non-independent adult is  “a person with diminished capacity such that the law has deemed that person not to be responsible for his/her actions, the person(s) who has assumed responsibility is entitled to full access to the account.” (Borrower Services Policy)

Non-independent adult memberships are the same as resident adult memberships, but they have a guarantor listed on their account. Note that this is a very specific type of user. Just because an adult lives in a group home does not mean that they require a guarantor for their card. This card type is only intended for adults who have legal guardians.

To register a non-independent adult for a card, use either one of the following profile after consulting with the guarantor: EPL-ADULT, EPL-ADU01, EPL-ADU05, EPL-ADU10. Register the customer as per normal.

Add the legal guardian to the C/O field, and add the following note to the card: “Guarantor is the customer’s legal guardian and is entitled to full access to this account. [branch / date/ initials ]”