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Juveniles turning 18

If the user does not have fines:

  • Ask the customer to pick out a new card. Use the lost card wizard to replace the card number. Ask the customer to sign the back of their new card. The new card is necessary as the signature acknowledges that the customer agrees to follow EPL's policies. NOTE: the youth may keep their old card if they wish, but it will not be active.
  • In "Modify user", update the user's profile to EPL-ADULT in the basic information tab. Remove the guarantor information from the C/O field in the address tab.
  • Use the "Renew Privilege" wizard to renew the card.
  • Take payment or waive the membership fee if applicable. 

If the user has fines:

The guarantor of a juvenile card is responsible for the fees owed on that card, not the juvenile. If a juvenile with fines turns 18 and wishes to get an adult card, there are a few options. The new adult can choose to pay the fines owing. However, if they are unable/unwilling to do so, they can be registered for a completely new card, unconnected to their juvenile card. Follow the general resident adult registration procedures to create this account. The one issue with this approach is that they need to reregister in Bibliocommons for a new user ID.

Staff may consider using their discretion to waive fees for customers in this situation if the fees are below $25 and do not include lost items.