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Travel Guides

  • Travel guides were catalogued on serial records until May 2013.
  • Tourist travel guides are catalogued as monographs, with a separate bibliographic record for each new edition of a title.


09X Dates

  • Date is added to Dewey number after the cutter, e.g.

092        914.3712 DID 2015
100  1    Di Duca, Marc.
245  14  The Rough Guide to Prague/|c9th edition updated by Marc Di Duca

  • For revised editions if EPL has earlier edition(s) in its DDC classified collection. Add even if main entry differs resulting in different cutters or Dewey number has changed between editions
  • For travel guides (whether tourist guides (914-919) or residential guides (940-990).
  • Do not add dates to an author’s travelogue, travel diary or blog, etc.


09X DDC Travel/Geography


[914-919] Physical geography of and travel in specific places

  • Class books dealing with the physical geography of an area (i.e. with its natural, not its man-made features) and those dealing with travel in 914-919.
  • Use up to 8 digits.
  • Add chronological divisions with -04 for monographs.
  • Add date of coverage/publication to travel guides in monograph format, including both print and videorecordings.

092  \\   919.6971 FOD 2012
245  00   Fodor's Kauai
264  \1   New York :$bFodor's Travel Publications,$c[2012]
264  \4   $cc2012


490/830 Series

  • Decide if a series statement is warranted on a case-by-case basis.
  • When Lonely Planet or Moon appears at the top of the title page, record it as an at head of title note, not a 490. Include a 246 in the record for Lonely Planet + title, e.g.

245  10   Living abroad in Japan /$cRuthy Kanagy.
246  3\   Moon living abroad in Japan
246  30   Japan
500  \\   At head of title: Moon.

  • It is not necessary to include |xISSN in series statement.