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Book club kits - billing

Book club kits normally have 10 copies of a title. Due to the nature of these kits, individual items may be lost or damaged. If one or more titles are lost/damaged, follow these steps to bill the user.

  • The replacement fee is $6 per item that is missing/damaged. The bag is $50.
  • To bill a user, use the "Billing a user" wizard in Workflows
    • Enter the customer's User ID.
    • The Reason for Bill is either "DAMAGE" or "LOST" depending on the circumstances.
    • Enter the amount to be charged and the item ID of the book club kit
  • Notify Item Entry Processors ( in CMA about the lost item(s) so they can update the item record in Workflows.
  • Change the contents tag on the item to reflect the new number of items inside.
  • Discharge the item and return it to circulation.