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Searching for items

Items can be searched using the Item Search and Display wizard (in Common Tasks menu). A selection can be made from two drop down menus. Search index (author, general, item ID, periodical title, series, subject, title, title control #) and library (default is "ALL")

Select Search Type.

Keyword: A keyword search will search for any word contained in an item record. It can be limited by author, series, subject, title and periodical title. If the search index is set to "general", the results will be titles with those word(s) found anywhere in the record. Results are given as titles. If a unique match is found, a single title record will display.

Browse: The Browse type of search accesses separate listings of all library items. Alphabetical browse lists exist only for author, title, periodical title, subject and series; numerical browse lists exist only for title control number and call number. The lists are organized in "library order".

Exact: Best for specific number searches, e.g. Title control number and item ID. Other Exact searches are possible on text in catalogue records: author, title, subject, and series. No truncation is permitted; if found, a hitlist for multiple matches or a single record will be returned.