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Donated Material


Generally, donated materials are sold at Library book sales, which generate funds to enhance collections and services.

  • All items sent to Book Sale must be in excellent condition - no yellowed, worn, dusty, damp, moldy, torn, inscribed or smelly items please.
  • Any materials that are not suitable for Donation are Recycled.

For the most current donation parameters for the public please see the following DONATIONS

In special circumstances donated materials may be added to the Library’s collection.  Please refer to Director, Collection Management and Access. Governemnt document donations may be forwarded to Government Documents Librarian for consideration.


Boxing Items for Book Sale

Box items up to be sent to Book Sale when there are enough of one type to fill an entire box.

1.  Fill out the Book Sale Label and circle the appropriate material type.

2.  Please ensure that the box is filled to the top so that when it is taped shut the lid does not collapse.  This is important for Book Sale storage purposes.

3.  Drivers will pick up boxes for Book Sale Tuesdays through Fridays

  • There is not pick up of Book Sale boxes on Monday, Saturday or Sundays.